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Sananga & Rapé

Sananga - potent eye drops

Sananga is made from the Amazonian plant Tabernaemontana undulate. The fermented extract contains various alkaloids, including ibogaine-like compounds. It is administered as eye drops. Sananga has been used traditionally to improve visions in the third eye, as well as treat a number of ocular conditions in the eyes. It contains powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that improve eye health. It is believed to clear “Panema” or bad luck/negative energy. One drop is placed in each eye while lying down. Sananga causes an intense burning sensation for a about a minute, but dissipates quickly. The experience is usually over within 5-10 minutes. Afterwards the individual has improved vision, groundedness, relaxation and sense of spiritual clarity. Sananga is applied before your kambo treatment. Contact lenses must be removed.  Ana brews her own sananga from the shredded root bark she sources from Peru, please reach out if you wish to purchase her drops or require any further information on this unique medicine.

Rapé and Sacred Tobacco

Rapé (pronounced ha-pay) is a shamanic medicine that has been used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin for thousands of years. The preparation of powdered herbs plays an important role in their tribal culture and history. Rapé is a complex mix of various medicinal plants of the Amazon, with the main ingredient being Nicotiana rustica, a strong tobacco that is 20 times more potent than Nicotiana tabacum. Among the tribes of South America, rapé is used for various ceremonial purposes, from initiation rites to drinking festivals, for social and for medicinal purposes alike. Some tribes are known to use it regularly after meals. The particular effects of rapé will vary depending on occasion and the full list of ingredients involved in its preparation.

The pulverised rapé powder, which is normally blown up into one’s nostrils by another person with a pipe, causes an intense effect that opens up the mind, releasing physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses. The high nicotine content in the mix has a stimulating effect and releases hormones such as epinephrine, acetylcholine, and dopamine, leading to increased clarity and heightened awareness.

The healers of the rainforest use rapé to rebalance their energies and to connect with their higher selves and the universe. The rapé ritual is also regarded as a way to cleanse and detoxify the body. The snuff causes a release of mucus and bacteria that aids in fighting inflammation and various illnesses.

Some speculate that rapé might help with decalcification of the pineal gland, which could potentially make it effective to prevent Alzheimer’s disease; although, research into this topic is still in the early stages.


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