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About Ana

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Ana was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia in her early 20's where she studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney. Then wanderlust set in and she traveled working on cruise ships and private yachts for many years ending up in America making this her home.  She never lost her passion and belief in alternative therapies.  Struggling with health issues and searching for alternatives to surgery, Ana traveled to Peru in 2014.  Kambo proved to be an incredible healing tool for her, not just on a physical level, she also experienced a profound emotional healing from past traumas. This medicine has given her clarity and a sense of purpose in life. Her connection with the frog was born and she has been dedicated to serving Kambo and holding space for the brave souls that choose this healing tool guiding them through the process of the frog.  She now practices Kambo in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas.   

"I've been working with Kambo since 2014 and have treated many people with a multitude of different ailments.. Kambo is an extremely powerful substance with the immense potential to facilitate deep healing, growth and transformation in many ways. More often than not, it’s an extremely challenging medicine. However a beautiful medicine nonetheless, and one that I feel honoured and humbled to be in service to. I feel so grateful to have found this path of Kambo, never do I feel more authentic than when I am in sevice to the frog, he has my heart.  How blessed we are to have such amazing animals and plants aiding humanity to reconnect with ourselves, our communities, and our planet. May these traditional healing medicines continue to help us realign to our health, wellness, virtues, values, heart and spirit, for a long time to come." -ANA

Ana is also the creator of Kiwi Glow, a line of organic, body-oil moisturizers.


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